Waiting List

Life Bubble Waiting List

Life Bubbles is on a mission to help humans beat the mortgage trap and this system is very strong contender to living a debt-free and empowered, time-rich life.  However, as we are still governed by the fiat monetary system we are forced to prioritise create waiting lists for those who cannot afford in invest in a life bubble.

If you would like to invest in your own Life Bubble You can do so here.

If you are not an investor, or don't have the funds don't worry there are other ways you can provide value.

Ways you can get on The Life Bubbles Waiting List.

1. Participate in at least $1,000 worth of courses.
2. Volunteer at least 2 months of work.
3. Negotiate what you can bring to the Life Bubble Vision.

The List

To Be Confirmed
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